Love for Myanmar Training Resources

Our vision is a sustainable church-planting movement led by Burmese believers. Our core strategy is to teach the seven-step strategy of Jesus to believers and help them implement it in Myanmar.

Here are the resources we provide believers to succeed at each step:

  1. Go
    1. “Be Fruitful and Multiply” (Training Module)
    2. “Pray Powerful Prayers”
    3. “Walk in The Spirit”
    4. “Join God Where He Is Working”
  2. Share God’s Love
    1. Orphanage Support and Coaching
    2. Trauma Healing Counseling
    3. Micro-Finance Groups
    4. Neighborhood Schools for Poor Children
    5. Assistance to Refugees
    6. Leprosy Hospital and Village Support and Coaching
  3. Share the Gospel
    1. “Defeat Satan In Spiritual Warfare”
    2. “Share Your Testimony”
    3. “Share the Simple Gospel”
    4. “How to Answer the Hard Questions”
    5. Evangelistic Outreach Events
  4. Make Disciples
    1. “Make the Great Confession”
    2. “Obey the Great Commandment”
    3. “Obey the Great Commission”
    4. Bible Seminary
  5. Form Disciple Groups
    1. “What Is A Simple Worship Group?”
    2. “Lead A Simple Worship Group”
    3. “52 Bible Stories for Your Discipleship Group”
  6. Train Leaders
    1. “Lead Like Jesus”
    2. “12 Principles of A Strong Ministry”
    3. “Raise Up Leaders”
  7. Start Churches
    1. “The Ten Commandments of a Great Church”
    2. “Grow Your Church Inside and Out”
    3. “Shepherd A Church”

Our goal is to empower groups of believers step-by-step and coach them through any roadblocks they encounter. We are organized with a national director, ministry directors, an area director, six village fellowship coordinators, and sixteen house church leaders.

We support the movement through regular prayer, weekly Skype calls, mission trip teams, onsite training events, printed materials, audio and video files, coaching, outreach events, and online training events.

What is Love for Myanmar up to these days?

The Joshua Project estimates that there are one-hundred and forty-six people groups in Myanmar, forty-nine of which are less than 2% evangelical. Buddhism is the major religion (76% of the population) and eighty-four percent of the population have never heard the Gospel.

The Burmese people are kind, gentle, and hospitable, but face an eternity separated from God and their loved ones if they do not hear and respond to the Gospel. The need is great – forty-six million people who are lost and never heard the good news.

Missionaries have worked in Myanmar since 1813 with scanty results. What makes us think our approach will produce better results? Simply, our strategic plan is based on imitating Jesus’ approach to mission in the Gospels.

Following Jesus’ method, we have trained more than 5,000 believers throughout Southeast and Southern Asia. Those believers have started more than 1,200 discipleship groups, and by God’s grace, 200 of those groups have become churches.

The seven steps of Jesus’ strategy are:

  1. Go
  2. Share God’s Love
  3. Share the Gospel
  4. Make Disciples
  5. Form Disciple Groups
  6. Train Leaders
  7. Start Churches

We provide resources, training, and coaching for each of these steps, leading to healthy, reproducing churches. Since most people in Myanmar are semi-illiterate, our materials are practical and easily remembered with repetition and hand motions. We also create audio and video resources that can easily be distributed via smart phones and DVD discs.

Our long-term goal is to establish a church in every city, town, and village in Myanmar following Jesus’ method. The spread of the Gospel will bring eternal salvation to countless Burmese people, facilitate peace among the ethnic groups, and provide a brighter future for the youth of Myanmar.

We have a network of sixteen house churches among the Mon and Karen people (Unreached People Groups) in southern Myanmar. We are testing a model of reproducible church planting using Follow Jesus Training (see

Our short-term objective is to double the number of people within each of the seven steps of Jesus’ strategy in the next eighteen months, perfecting the model, and then launching it to the entire country of Myanmar.

We have established a network of leaders over the last fourteen years and emphasize both mercy ministries and sharing the Gospel in everything we do. We have the training materials, the supervisory people in place, and a solid plan, but need additional funds to take the work to the next level, including creating audio and video training sessions that will be freely available to every Christian in Myanmar via smartphones and the internet.

The current move towards democracy in Myanmar has created an openness to new ideas and the Gospel. God is moving, and we believe the time is ripe for a church-planting movement in Myanmar.

Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God

“Expect great things from God: attempt great things for God.” – William Carey, Father of Modern Missions

Most people agree that we need to share the gospel and heal the sick throughout the world. Jesus commanded us to “go” in the Great Commission. The Great Commandment says to love your neighbor as yourself and that certainly includes helping and healing the downtrodden. I would want someone to help me if I was the victim of persecution or injustice, wouldn’t you?

The problem many face is they want to do something great for God, but they believe they aren’t qualified or don’t have the skills. It’s a hard place to be. You want to make the world a better place, but you don’t feel like you can really do anything worthwhile. You want to be on mission with God and see people’s lives changed for the better, but your past or inadequacies stand at the gate like giants and forbid you to pass.

I often hear this as people are considering going on mission trips. “I don’t know what to do,” they say. Or “I’m not qualified.” Or “I’ve messed up too much in my life.” These are legitimate concerns, but they should not stop you from doing great things for God. These are the same reasons for not attempting great things for God the disciples gave Jesus. He told them not to fear. He is telling you not to fear, also.

So, I don’t know what the next step is for you to be on mission with God, but I want to challenge you to take it today. Obey the Spirit of God and figure out a way to pray more, or give more, or encourage more, or go more. Fear not, friend. Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.

Bring Healing and the Good News

In Luke 10, Jesus tells his followers to bring healing and share the good news wherever they go. People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.

That’s why at Love for Myanmar we minister to orphans, poor students who cannot attend public school, broken-hearted people at the leprosy hospital and village, and help those who have been persecuted for their faith get back on their feet.

But, it is not enough to meet needs on earth, if someone is going to spend eternity apart from God. That’ why it is important to share the Good News that Jesus has died for people’s sins, raised from the dead, and now offers the gift of eternal life in heaven to all those who will receive it.

Love for Myanmar has trained hundreds of Burmese believers how to share their faith, make disciples, grow as spiritual leaders, and start churches. We also provide coaching and mentoring to church leaders who want to improve their ministry skills.

Check out how our ministry obeys Jesus’ command to bring healing and share the good news at If you are a ministry in Myanmar, let’s partner together to see many follow Jesus in the Golden Land.

Help Us Help Them

Orphans in Myanmar have little hope. They fall easy prey to ruthless people who exploit them for forced labor or the sex trade. The Bible says in the book of James that true religion takes care of the widows and orphans. Would you want someone to help your child if they became an orphan?

Love for Myanmar currently cares for over 100 orphans in six Christian orphanages. Boys and girls find faith, hope, and love in the arms of devoted Christian workers. Their needs are great, and God is using believers like you to give them hope.

Click on this link to go to our website and find out more about Love for Myanmar:

Click Here

As God has blessed you, please give to the orphans in Myanmar. God will fill your soul with joy and comfort as you join Him in giving to these little ones He loves.

We Can Serve in Word and Deed

The following letter was recently provided by Isaac Nun Hmung regarding one of his seminary students in Myanmar.  We felt it a compelling opportunity to share, allowing the  Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of readers.  If you would like to participate with response, please contact us at Love For Myanmar by clicking here.

Dear Friends,

I am so thankful to the Lord for your support in prayers and in earthly gifts for the ministry here at MEBC.  For the last 4 years your faithful participation whether in body or spirit has been a partnership which God has used to grow the seed of our ministry for His glory.  One of the greatest blessings throughout this time has been to participate directly in mediating the needs of our precious students, first spiritually then physically.

Although this has been a great privilege it has also been a worthy cross to bear.  As many of you know God has provided for us the unique honor of reaching out to the poorest of the community of saints in Myanmar. They come from rural villages where basic comforts such as reliable electricity is a scarcity.  Due to this level of poverty our students have been plagued with many tribulations including the lack of proper health care. Through conviction from the Holy Spirit we have been compelled to share what we have with them to live out the commission of Scripture to not merely serve in word but also in deed.  Therefore, God has used our work to provide for these precious crowns physical needs which they desperately need.

Recently one of our female students has been carrying a horrible wound from childhood that has disfigured her face.  Her name is Hoi Ley and when she was 3 years old a jack fruit fell on her face and caused an injury which would eventually disfigure her face.  The injury could have been easily treated if proper medical care was available to her, but due to the remote location of her village coupled with her family’s extreme poverty no care was available for her.

With no other option her family merely hoped that the wound would heal on its own. However, this left the wound to fester and eventually disfigured her upper left side of her face.  This has caused her to live in shame and despite her burden she has shown a vital faith to serve which is the reason for her attendance of our institution.

As you can imagine when I heard her story and saw with mine own eyes her condition, I was moved and felt a need to help her in her trouble. We had taken her to a doctor here in Yangon for a consultation.  They had informed me that her condition could be treated and her face restored with plastic surgery.  The estimated cost for the surgery would be about $3000.

My dear friends, I wanted to share this opportunity with you and humbly ask if any of you might be able to help in raising these funds to provide for our dear sister.  Perhaps if there are some in your congregations or friends in your life that God has already placed a burden on for this need, would you be willing to ask and see if any might be able to help us to care for our sister? She is second year Bachelor of Theology program student. Thank you again for all your support and may our Lord bless each of you with the fullness of His Kingdom.

Love in Christ,
Isaac Nun Hmung

Gary1 Gary2 Gary3

A Dream of School

By Carolyn Watkins



For the first time in the seven-year history of the Austin Karen Baptist Church, a young man from our congregation is attending a four-year university!  After a successful high school football experience at Austin High School, Ehlar Htoo, Pastor Moe Eh’s fourth oldest son, moved into the athletic dorm at HPU on Wednesday, August 10.  Gary and I were blessed to have the opportunity to accompany this outstanding young man to HPU to meet with the admissions department and financial aid department on July 29 and again on move-in day.

As the incredible story unfolded, the entire spring semester of high school, Ehlar was sharing his dream to attend Howard Payne in the fall and to play football there.  Prayers were shared for him as he took the SAT and other admissions tests. When we checked online and saw the financial requirements for admission, we could not see any way that his dream could happen.

But, as we know, God can make a way when there seems to be no way!  We lift our praises to Him for opening doors to the financial aid that Ehlar needed to make this dream come true! We know that without divine intervention this could have never happened.  Ehlar is so excited to be able to play football at the college level and to get a Christian education at such a outstanding university.  He is a worthy, hard-working, Christ-honoring young man that lives in service of our Lord.  We are excited about the wonderful work the Lord is going to do in and through Ehlar’s life at HPU and beyond!


Why It Matters

Back in 2008 I was working for another nonprofit serving in another hemisphere but based Georgetown, Texas, right in the heart of Texas.  While employed at this nonprofit I had the great fortune of engaging with Reed Iwami, a man of exceptional talent with a passion I would soon discover.  In the midst of our work together I overheard him share something about Myanmar and was a bit intrigued.  So, I asked.  That was the very beginning of what has been an astonishing journey for me personally and a long, deep friendship with several people in my hometown of Georgetown who shared the same vision.  And perhaps more than anything, this newly formed opportunity began to seer in my heart a care for a people group in a part of the world I had never traveled or even known before.  Love for Myanmar was, for me, beginning to bloom.

If you’ve spent any time on the Love For Myanmar website you’ve seen images and read about efforts to really make a difference in the lives of people who have faced such difficult circumstances.  From political to economic to social to even religious, people in this corner of the world have suffered in many ways we have never experienced in the western hemisphere.  Many happy faces disguise the troubles they experience from government oppression that has run deep for many decades.  Access to clean water, quality health programs, and even healthy food is substantially limited.  And for those that are new believers in Jesus Christ, the cost of worship, study and even prayer can be a very heavy burden in a country that is overwhelmingly Buddhist. But why should all this matter to me?

It matters because I know about it.  Before I first uttered the name of the country, Myanmar, I had such a limited perspective of the people of this country.  It was that place formerly called Burma where a British empire once ruled and people supposedly existed in harmony.  After delving into the difficult realities that face these people, it is so much harder to just ignore.  The people of Myanmar are people just like myself, trying to live a happy, sustainable life with freedomIMG_3233s to learn, to live, to love and to grow.  Why should I care? Because these wonderful people are my brothers and sisters in Christ and my faith declares that I should care.  Matthew 25:40 – “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

So why does it matter?  It matters because it matters to God.  And as a believer in the God’s mighty grace, His amazing peace and His infinite love for me, then it matters to me too. And now you know about it too.  Won’t you join me in supporting Love For Myanmar as they serve our brothers and sisters?

Brian Crowe

A Journey Into Myanmar by Madison Simmons

Sweat ran in rivulets down my back as we walked through the dusty streets of a place whose name I did not catch.

“This is a buddhist village. These are buddhist people,” my new friend and host for the next few days, Elijah, told me.

“We are here to teach the children of Jesus. The children want to know Jesus” he said.

In the ninety minutes I had known Elijah (the time it took to slog less than twenty miles through the ill-famed gridlock traffic of Yangon) I had learned that he is a man of vehement passion. Our conversation had consisted of him asking me about myself punctuated by long monologues that would make the most ardent televangelist proud with their Bible-quoting and irrefutable energy. After reeling off one of these speeches he would fall silent and with a quiet smile tell me,,

“That is how I preach to the people.”

Elijah on guitarHe has brought me to this neighborhood on the outskirts of Yangon where he and a few other devoted Christians have begun a Bible school for village children. The school is held in the home of the only Christian family in the area. Elijah comes periodically to help by preaching and leading in songs.

As we approach the house the sound of loud shrill voices fills my ears. The Myanmar people love to sing. We walk in, and a group of about fifteen children stand, sing-yelling songs with words I do not know, but whose tune I can hum along to. Many of the songs they sing are Myanmar translations of popular American praise and worship tunes. Elijah explained that many more children used to attend but their Buddhist parents became uneasy and forbid them from coming to the school. Other parents did not mind, as at school the children are guaranteed a meal and a more consistent education than the rarely-enforced public school system provides.

As I sat on a low bench, watching the children, I took in my surroundings, finding myself in an environment unlike any other I had seen. The walls were thatched, there was no furniture, the children wore bright, tattered mismatched clothing, and I could hear the braying of goats from the dusty street.  The only school supplies seemed to be a series of faded English-Burmese posters on one wall. By American standards, this was severe poverty.

And yet what did they lack? Joy such as I have never witnessed in American schools pervaded the open rooms of that modest, warm home. The children sang with their mouths wide open and heads flung back. When prompted by Elijah or the teacher to quote a Bible verse they chanted back the answer in unison. Southern Myanmar is predominantly Buddhist, and the opportunity to practice Christianity is a rare and cherished one. After the lesson ended and bowls of milky tapioca-laden bowls of soup were passed around, Elijah and I rose to leave. The formerly shy children rushed to the door, all smiles, waving goodbye.

Elijah Trip

In God’s Timing

A report from Love For Myanmar’s, Elisha Sanga. Elisha is LFM’s Neighborhood Learning Center Coordinator. He and his wife, Christina started the school about ten years ago following their graduation from seminary. This is a place in the slums of Yangon where Buddhist children, with the permission of their parents, are provided a free education while also being taught Christian values and beliefs.

Dear friends,

We praise God for His faithful provision through Love For Myanmar that we may be able to continue the work that set before us in this new year.

Our investment and all our affort is that the whole society might be influenced through the Neighborhood School Children. Visible church is not yet seen but we believe God will surely build there oneday. So, for this reason the children are trained up with Christian education.

In 2015, Satan worked very hard to destroyed the work of God, Me Me Aung whom we baptized base on her confession of faith in Christ and whom we train for the teacher was brought away to Naypidaw the new capital city of Myanmar by her family. But December last month, she has a holiday and come back and shared with us her testimony that  she has regular prayer and Bible reading and her parents could not force to worship idol anymore. We prayed for her and encouraged her to stand strong with the word of God. Next year we plan to let her go to Bible School. Beside, at the time, the main person was taken away, some of the children were not sent anymore to the school by their parents for teaching the Word of God, but till the end of the year 10 children could regular and their parents are still standing strongly with us for they know forsure that their children are well trained in so many ways.

Please continue to pray with us. By His grace at present, we have no problen but the house owner want to sell the school house building and move their whole family to Naypidaw. The present teachers’ family would like to be fulltime missionary there. God is able.  For instant if the school is no more available, we can move to the church area and since the church building is our own, it will be more easier to apply permission for private primary school. But the problem again is if we can not buy a car, it will not be easy to bring them to the church always. So, we have to pray alot that God might lead us in His way and will.

Our prayer is that all who involve in this ministry might be more used by God and all to be accountiblity in His sight.

In Christ,