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Continuously Amazing

‘Volunteers daily amaze me with what they are willing and able to do for others!’IMG_3420

One of our followers on facebook, Amy Saenz, said that on our page last week. She pretty much hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Volunteers are completely amazing. Here at Love For Myanmar volunteers pour new life into our organization continuously. Whether it is students giving up part of their summer to spend in Myanmar with our orphanages, college students helping with the youth in Austin, families giving time to help a refugee family, or professionals giving up vacation time to complete a project Love For Myanmar has some of the most selfless volunteers you could hope to meet. There is no way our organization could meet with the success it has enjoyed in offering continuous humanitarian aid without our volunteers.

We are SO THANKFUL for all of our volunteers. There is always room for more of you! Have you volunteered with an organization lately? Get out there! Find something you are passionate about in your community, in your country, in an international arena, and lend your weight to their cause. I promise, whether you ever know it or not, you will make a difference!

Interested in joining the team of volunteers at Love For Myanmar? Email us at We have a place that’s just right for you!

In Everything Give Thanks

“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (I Thessalonians 5: 16-18)”

The holiday season is officially upon us. We are right in the middle of that three-month stretch where hearts actually do sometimes grow three sizes in one day and something almost magical settles in among humanity. Or at least that is one version of the story…

In America it also means crazy shopping frenzies, Christmas carols at Halloween, never enough money to get loved ones all the things they want, people getting trampled for no reason on black Friday, and Target announcing a 9PM open time on thanksgiving day.

What if we could have the best of both scenarios? What if we could really figure out how to rejoice always and in everything give thanks?! Why should we set aside one moment at the thanksgiving table, one day, one month on facebook to celebrate everything we have in this life and rejoice in what is waiting for us in the next? What if we could give more than just commercial things this year…

If you’re an active philanthropist or just a giving person (and I assume if you are here reading the LFM blog, that you are) all of your favorite charities are going to begin asking for your help during this great time of giving. Here is what I hope you keep in mind; gifts are fun and wrapping them and setting them under a gilded tree makes a very pretty scene but maybe, just maybe you can help give people in lands far away gifts that will help them live longer healthier lives and in the process uncover the truth in the verse above by showing love to people who might think there is no one in all the earth that loves or cares about them. Maybe you don’t actually need anything all that new or shiny under the tree this year. What if our lists were full of pleas for others and donations made in our name? I think it would at least result in a few less news worthy Turkey Day trampling horrors for those fifty dollars off coupons…

Check out all of the things Love For Myanmar is doing and the different ways you can support us in your daily life here at We would love to hear from you and share the lives of all the wonderful people we work with! Looking forward to partnering with you, the work is never done and we are thankful for people like you who are invested in the lives of people from Myanmar.



Hello blogosphere! I’m Celina Henry, your friendly Love For Myanmar (LFM) blog writer. I wanted to take this week to introduce myself so that you know a little about the person behind the screen. I’m the Resource Development Coordinator for LFM and have been volunteering and then working for this awesome organization since May 2011. I lived in Yangon, Myanmar for two years volunteering and having the distinct privilege to be the English Department Head for Horizon International Schools (For those of you that know her, this is where I helped Courtney Carlson get a placement and she is now also in Myanmar working and volunteering). My time there was incredibly rewarding in ways I could not have possibly imagined and I fell in love with the people and the country almost immediately.

Other interesting facts/insights about me that you might find interesting:

  • I have my BA in Anthropology from Texas A&M University in Bryan. Whoop! Fighting Texas Aggie class of 2006.
  • I also hold a minor in Dance Performance, a Certificate of Advanced International Affairs, a Texas Teaching Certificate for Dance 8-12, an East West Somatic movement therapy certification level 3, and a group fitness trainer certification. Clearly I love to learn!
  • My parents (Reese and Marji Henry, Jr.) live in Georgetown, Texas. I have a sister that also works for LFM (Meagan Henry) and a brother that is the Preacher at Hope Arise Methodist Church in San Antonio (Reese Henry III). I’m very proud of them both.
  • I was told once that I have a ‘high ratio of save the world types’ in my life. Which naturally forced me to think about it…. and I do. My friends and family are some of the most compassionate, loving, ‘save the world types’ I have ever known. I think that I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have them.
  • I am taking an Intro to Aerial dance class…. Aerial arts are so much fun!
  • I have two Pomeranians, Sugar and Bits; they are little fluffy balls of happy.
  • I’m a secret sci-fi geek…. only…. not so secret. My dad let me stay up late when I was little to watch Star Trek: TNG. I’ve been hooked on all thinks science fiction ever since….

I’m looking forward to sharing with you via our blog and hope you come check back here often for new and exciting stories and projects that Love For Myanmar is doing. We are growing and changing every day and can always use YOU! Check us out at Together, we can make a difference!

I hope your day is full of blessings you didn’t even know to look for!

Until next time…


Faith Abounds

Daw Roi Taung grew up an orphan. Having no family she was forced to get work very young in a house as a servant. She had no formal education and no idea what it meant to have a family. When she grew up she got married and had children of her own, but she wanted to make sure there was a place that children like her never suffered the pain of having no family. As a result of this vision she opened an orphanage in Yangon. Every child that comes to her becomes a part of her family and she loves them as if they had always been hers. Her children grow up and move out of the orphanage but even as adults it is their home and she welcomes them back and loves them no matter how old they get. Once you are a member of her family, you never grow out of it. She continuously shows God’s grace and love through her quiet way of loving her children. She is the first to accept new children into her home when no one else wants them and radiates her faith through her actions. If you ask her what she wants most in life she will tell you it is just to have her children be successful. We at Love For Myanmar call her Faith Auntie.

Faith Auntie’s story is our story. Here at Love For Myanmar we want every man, woman, and child we interact with to see something different in us. Love. A love that is greater than any worldly trouble and lasts longer than any worldly woe. We want them to see in us a love that completely covers us and makes us whole and new again, the love of Jesus Christ. We share this by meeting real needs and helping people with every tool we’ve been given to do so; our actions, our money, our prayers, and our time. Love For Myanmar wants to make it our mission to daily love people where they are so that they may in turn see a hope that they may not have been able to see before with a faith that comes from believing they will not be forgotten or abandoned as orphans. We are just the body, but the love we share is supernatural. It surpasses human understanding and heals all wounds. Just like Aunty has a faith and passion and love that lets her help orphans have a home and a place to belong, so does Christ when we let him work in us.

Love For Myanmar wants to use this blog to help bring you real life stories and current updates on all of the new and exciting things going on in our life. There are lots of changes going on; exciting new initiatives and flexibility inside Myanmar as well as growing programs and opportunities to work with our refugee population in Austin, Texas. You can also check us out on facebook ( , twitter ( , or our website ( for more information about us! If none of those options answer the questions you have you can email us at OR message us here! Looking forward to sharing together!