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The Moto Solution

SWN moto

For all of the homes we support in Myanmar, we try and offer the opportunity to develop and implement small business plans. Soe Win Naing (hereafter SWN), who runs our Victoria home with his wife, came to us with a plan to implement a motorcycle taxi service in his village area. After seeing his plan and how it would help him provide income to feed and clothe the orphans he is currently supporting, Love For Myanmar opted to help implement the moto taxi service.

SWN was given the money directly to buy a motorcycle taxi. He leases this motorcycle out to a taxi driver who pays 2,000 kyats (about $2.50 USD) per day for the use of the bike. The bike is leased out everyday (to the same driver) providing both a community member with a daily income as well as increasing the family income of Victoria Childcare Center. SWN earns family income for his childcare center by leasing out this motorbike daily, teaching a class at the local Bible College, and by driving a second motorcycle as a taxi himself at night.

Now with the addition of the daily income he earns from the motorbike taxi his home is roughly 30% sustainable and he is able to provide a small portion of meat to his children 5 days per week (up from 3 days per week previously). This additional protein is important to the growth and development of the children. He also has more money readily available for school, clothes, medicine, etc.

The addition of 4 more motorcycles to his ‘fleet’ would make his home fully supported with no additional outside funding. We hope that one day he can manage this fleet and sustain his orphanage completely on his own, needing us only for prayer and fellowship support. This is the example we hope to see all five of our Orphanages move toward in the near future!